My parents, both of whom had been in show business in their youth, used the Great American Songbook as their own musical score. My Dad, arguably the biggest Sinatra fan in the world, worked his way through college and law school as a stand-up comic while my Mom sang professionally, so it is clear that music and the stage is in my blood. From infancy, the sounds I heard were Sinatra, Darin, Bennett, Ella and countless others. And so when I was born they named me Darin, after the great Bobby Darin, one of the singers they most loved (and still do). I wonder how many other infants were soothed back to sleep in the “wee small hours” by “Songs For Swinging Lovers.”  

The first word I ever said was ‘light’ and I’m now sure that I was trying to let everyone know I was ready to take the stage. This early education had a profound impact on me that I would come to understand years later. By my teens I knew that music was my calling. I sang in Rock n’ Roll bands (yes, I was teenage guitar heo) but soon my desire to sing the Great American Songbook grew too strong to ignore. It was at this time, in my every early twenties that I took the risk of abandoning the pop tunes that had provided me with a steady living and transitioned to singing the beautiful songs that are American treasures. I have never looked back. 

I am excited to see such a resurgence of this music and it is wonderful that people of all ages are listening to, loving and discovering these songs. 

- Darin Ames

Everything began with the name...

When you hear that voice, you know it’s Darin Ames. 

With a voice all his own, such fabulous phrasing and breath control, his interpretation of a song is outstanding.This young singer has it all. When he sings the ballads, every word is from the heart; he feels the lyrics and you feel the romance. When he swings you can’t help but snap your fingers and feel the joy. Combine this with his on-stage magnetism, that indefinable spark, wit and fast delivery and you have a consummate entertainer. 

From his early youth, Darin Ames’ home was filled with the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Bobby Darin, for whom he is named, and countless other great singers. Singing and playing guitar pop tunes soon lost its allure for Ames and it was a natural move for him to dive into the countless standards for which he is so perfectly suited. 

A dream come true was Darin’s union with legendary pianist, conductor and arranger Vincent Falcone. Frank Sinatra’s musical director, accompanist and conductor for over a decade, Falcone produced, arranged and played on Darin’s CD, ‘This Is Darin Ames.’ 
“Having the chance to work with Vinnie is one of those rare opportunities one hopes for as a performer. He’s the ultimate gift for any singer and was incredible to work with,” said Ames. 
As one listens to Darin’s singing, the facts emerge on their own… 

The guy has it all. 

- Les Izmorh

When considering what makes a song magic, what makes a lyric or melody embed itself in our minds and hearts, the fundamental question concerns the marriage of message and messenger – the song and the singer. Without one, the other cannot come to fruition. Only when a great singer comes along who can capture the essence of a style, the true soul of a sound, are we moved beyond the ordinary experience. Only then are we given that rare and priceless opportunity as listeners to find the magic in music that transforms mere songs into living stories that take on lasting significance. 

Such a singer is Darin Ames. Named after singing great Bobby Darin, Darin Ames grew up surrounded by the sounds of Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, his namesake and many others. The seeds of a splendid union were planted and have now bloomed. He has been performing in the Boston area for over a decade and recently relocated to Las Vegas. Of great note is his new musical director and pianist, Vincent Falcone, formerly pianist, conductor, and arranger for none other than Frank Sinatra. Falcone produced and arranged Darin’s latest CD entitled ‘This Is Darin Ames.’ 

Darin Ames performs the classic standards that people have loved for decades. The listener's experience is one of connection with a body of music and the pleasure of hearing these songs performed in a fashion that at once marries a fresh interpretation with a reverence for tradition rare in a performer as young as Ames. The consummate entertainer, Ames’ performances encompass and utilize a wide range of emotions and skills. From swinging songs of joy, to tender ballads, Ames delivers all with the polish, heart and humor of someone born for the stage. 

With every generation there comes a new messenger bringing a familiar message. 

A new singer singing a familiar song. 

From this a new voice emerges. Darin Ames is that voice. 

- Some guy found living near the penguin pool at the Flamingo Hotel. His precise whereabouts are unknown at this time.