Yep... It's a blog.

So now that you're back, just what are you up to? 

Wed, Jul 8, 2015

This a question I've asked myself as much as others have asked me.

For those unaware, long before I became one of Boston's bonafide crooners, I was a Rock 'N Roll singer and guitarist. The two bands I had the pleasure of playing in that had the most notoriety were The Ducktape Messiahs (greatest name EVER) and (the) Standing Hamptons. The Messiahs was more of an original band that played some covers, while the Hamptons was a cover band that starting adding in some originals. Both were very…Read more

Getting Better All The Time... 

Sun, Jul 5, 2015

When I moved to Las Vegas I experienced some incredible things and it made me a far better singer and performer (I'll get into these things in future posts). When I returned to Boston, I was ready to take what I had learned out west and bring it forward. What I never expected was to be sidelined for over four years.
Here's what happened...

Shortly after my return, I took ill but had no idea what was wrong. I underwent quite a few medical tests, some of them very serious. There were some very…Read more