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Welcome to the Darin Ames Virtual Venue, the internet home of singer, songwriter, and entertainer, Darin Ames. 
We have been off-line for a while and are thrilled to be back and thank you for stopping by. Please spend some time looking around and be sure to join the mailing list, send us your comments ands feedback, and let us know what you'd like to see.

What is Darin up to these days? 

Darin is currently singing and playing in Boston's premier Cars tribute band, Panorama. The group performs all of The Cars greatest hits and deep cuts. You can check out Panorama HERE.

Darin is also currently writing and recording, and performing with the well known act Rule of 3. He is also putting together a band that will cover the full range of British Invasion music as well as performing acoustic shows in the Greater Boston area, in solo and duo form.

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