From the recording Darin Ames - Pop

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Written and performed by Darin Ames. Copyright ⓒ Ⓟ 1989-2017 Darin Ames
All instruments and vocals performed by Darin Ames.

This is a song I wrote a few years back when I was performing steadily on Cape Cod with my band, Standing Hamptons. There were several venues at which we played on a weekly basis and at one particular place, there was a hostess I had a foolish crush on. She was known as a rather promiscuous young woman who held a bit of a spell over me and it took a while for me to make any advances towards her. When I finally did, all of the fantasies I had held about what it might be like to spend the night with her were shattered. Let's just say the encounter was a huge disappointment and I tried to reflect these feelings in the song. I suppose one moral of the story to be taken is the old adage, "be careful what you wish for."